Have you ever had that thought you change the world, for the better. New Day Energy was born of the idea that splitting water into browns gas (H2 and O2) by means of electricity produced by wind power to raise the combustion efficiency of oil boilers was the ticket. This did not pan out. Though the roots of our intention to change our world for the better were set. Wind turbines were erected, solar panels set in place and solar hot systems brought online. Then in 2010 we discovered Maine Energy Systems the USA manufacturer of the OkoFEN wood pellet boiler. Biomass is a vast and still underutilized resource in the Northeast. So much so that the Australian owner of OkoFEN calls us the "great forest". NDE saw the potential in a properly built wood pellet boiler that doesn't need daily attention like a common pellet stove. Our time is precious it's a resource we cannot make more of. From my initial walk through in the Bethel Maine facility of MESys to the tour of the Austrian factory of OkoFEN I was impressed. Many companies we all use claim excellence in whatever they do, but really do they. I saw first hand the care of proper design in a component or the attention to detail in how the software works. NDE is here as the field installation extension to the manufacturer. We ensure that a system which is designed to last decades is installed correctly so that you the owner forget your saving money in fuel costs, carbon and building a future of clean energy. All you have to do is enjoy the heat.

We strongly believe in our products and in green heating solutions. We would love to teach you more about these soltuions and the mechanics of it. We have a YouTube Channel we will be keeping updated with instructional information about pellet heating and how affects us. 


Why New Day Energy

The sophisticated technology and incredible quality materials that go into our modern pellet heating systems from MESys guaranteee us efficient performance. Reduce your heating costs by up to 50% by using a MESys pellet system and consume fewer resources. Protect your environment and your wallet. 


Wood pellet burning for residential central heating has a number of substantial advantages over the burning of fossil fuels.


One advantage is its environmental friendliness. Wood pellet boilers and furnacesprovide a low-net-CO2 solution, because the CO2 emitted during combustion of the wood pellets comes from CO2 absorbed by the tree during its growth. With our high efficiency burners other emissions such as NOx and volatile organic compounds are very low, making this one of the most non-polluting heating options available. When burning wood pellets, you are not burning fossil fuels which release long-sequestered carbon into the atmosphere as CO2, a greenhouse gas.


Since wood pellets are consumed closer to their production site than fossil fuels less greenhouse gas is generated in their transportation.


The wood pellets used for residential heating are often manufactured from sawdust and shavings from other wood products manufacturing processes, although as such manufacturing has declined regionally many pellets are manufactured from whole round wood harvested for that purpose. The wood pellets are a pure refined wood product; nothing is added to the wood feed stock as they are manufactured. The heat of compression as the fine woody material is forced through a die heats the natural lignin in the wood binding the material into a durable pellet.


Virtually all of the wood pellets produced in the Maine market are made from wood which is certified as sustainably harvested by a third-party agency.