MESys FleXILO - Bulk Wood Pellet Storage



Maine Energy Systems offers several wood pellet storage options to fit your space and needs. With our fully-automatic boiler and furnace systems, you will never see or touch the pellet fuel. Many sizes and configurations are available, these options ensure safe, automatic, reliable movement of the wood pellets from bulk storage to the heating system.

  • Designed for Bulk Pellet Delivery
  • Many Capacities and Sizes
  • Indoor or Outdoor Installation
  • Vacuum Transport

FleXILO (+60% Capacity)

FleXILO storage bags are well suited for indoor spaces where space is limited. Two different fuel delivery systems, auger and vacuum, allow bulk pellet storage to be located next to or up to 66 feet from the boiler or furnace. FleXILO’s are available only for use with compatible MESys heating equipment

Outdoor Silo Options

In addition to the FleXILO, New Day Energy also offers a full line of outdoor silo options. The outdoor silo is ideal for applications requiring large quantities of pellet fuel such as municipal buildings, institutions or commercial projects

  • 3 – 50 Ton Capacity Options Available
  • 32 Available Sizes
  • Outdoor Storage Saves Inside Space
  • Store Large Quantities of Wood Pellets – Fewer Deliveries
  • Flex Auger to Transfer Pellets Around Corners (5′ max radius)
  • Decades of Field Experience