1- Where do wood pellets come from?

New Day Energy sources wood pellets are sourced through the New England are. Feed stock that composes the wood pellet must be sustainably harvested and regulated resource. 

2- What is the burn back protection system on my new pellet boiler or furnace system?

MESys boilers and furnaces have a steel ball valve in the normally closed position between the fuel supply and the burner feed system. The system meets the latest European Union Standards.

3-Do I need to dump fuel in my boiler or furnace or storage unit, or is it received from a bulk delivery service?

MESys boiler and furnace systems with attached FleXILO storage are best suited for feeding from bulk delivery trucks. MESys also delivers fuel throughout northern New England.


4-Do I need to manually remove ash from the firebox?

No, MESys boiler and furnaces systems remove the ash from their fireboxes automatically moving the ash into an external container that is easily emptied in minutes without getting dirty or being exposed to air-borne dust.

5-Does the boiler or furnace system automatically clean the heat exchanger surfaces at regular intervals? Am I ever required to clean the heat exchanger surfaces?

MESys boilers and furnaces automatically clean their heat exchangers and burner surfaces daily.

6-Does my burner need to shut down and/or cool down periodically to remove ash from the burner bowl/surface? If yes, does this lead to a cold start (a start using fresh pellets)?

The burners in MESys system are capable of burning for an entire season without shutdowns; they are fed pellets from the bottom allowing ash to simply fall off the burner plate.


7-Does this pellet boiler or furnace modulate (vary its power output based on outdoor temperature and boiler demand)? If yes, is it documented to be efficient and clean at all achievable power levels?

MESys pellet boilers and furnaces are designed to operate at a wide range of output levels and have sufficiently well managed combustion to maintain low flue gas and particulate emissions at all achievable output power ranges. The documentation for the testing is posted online by a national Austrian test laboratory.