Certain states offer rebates for changing to environmentaly freindly products like pellet stoves. See the links below to apply for your rebates today!

States That Offer Rebates In The Area

Maine (Efficiency Maine)

Maine Offers 33% up to $3,000 for equipment and installation. 1-4 unit residential buildings that are eligible serving as only a principle residence for occupants, new or retrofit. The system must include a bulk fill system that provides continuous heat without human intervention for up to two weeks. 

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Massachusetts (Massachusetts Clean Energy Center)

Base award of up to 45% up tp $10,000 with bulk storage between 3-5 tons. Grantees must buy pellets delivered in bulk and an energy audit is required. Utility servicing the home must be on a list. Project sites must be residential with 1-4 units. Project sites must be occupied year round and thermal storage is required. 

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New Hampshire

Rebates are up to 40% up to $10,000 for equipment and installation with 3 ton capacity bulk storage and applies to residentail units only for this rebate. 

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Commercial Rebates in New Hampshire

Rebates are up to 30% up to $50,000 towards equipment and installation with a minimum of 3 ton capacity bulk storage. Rebates for up to 30% up to $5,000 available on add on grant for thermal storage. 

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New York (New York State Energy Research and Development Administration)

Small Pellet Boiler Incentives:

Rebates of 45% up to $10,000 for units to 25kW and $16,000 for units to 35kW). Additional rebates are up tp $5,000 for removal of an indoor or outdoor boiler and up to $2,000 for recylcing of a wood furnace. Energy audit is required along with a 3.5 ton capacity bulk storage and project sites can be residential or non residential properties. Project sites must be occupied year round and tehrmal storaqge is required. Low interest financing is also avialble through NYSERDA.

Large Commercial Pellet Boiler Incentives:

Rebates of 40% up to $200,000 for units with output over 88kW (300,000 BTU/H)

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Vermont (Efficiency Vermont & Vermont Renewable Energy Resource Center)

Rebates are up to $2,000 towards equipment and installation that reduces fossil fuel usage with fuel stroage capacity to operate at least one week. Exclusions apply. See program for details.

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Vermont Renewable Energy Resource Center

Rebates up to $2,500 per installed pellet boiler. The system must include fuel storage capacity that allows teh system to run for a period of 14 days without human intervention. Must have an automated fuel feed from a bulk storage container/ area to the burn chamber. Automated fuel feed control based ond emand for heat. Bulk storage contained must be able to receive bulk deliveries. Customers are eligible for a $500 pellet storage adder for pellet systems that have at leas ta 20 day storage under peak load conditions. Residentials and commercial installations qualify. 

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